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Pictura Poesis, Downcast Collision & Deformus at Lazaru’s

Pictura Poesis
Pictura Poesis is a symphonic blackened deathmetalband that was founded in the south of the Netherlands at the closing of 2012. taking their inspiration from paintings and literature, the band succeeds in combining a broad spectrum of classical music with energetic black and death metal. The band released their latest CD Miseriae Mundi on the 6th of May 2017 following their 2 earlier releases in 2013 and 2014.

As for the musical aspect of the songs, the general mood of the chosen subject is enhanced by the combination of every member’sown musical parties contributing to the whole to create a haunting, lingering sound. The emphasis between both the musical and the lyrical aspects, as well as the close connection that is sought between the musical world created by the band and the directworld it finds itself in, gives Pictura Poesis a new and critical edge, and has proven to be a unique aspect of the band.

Downcast Collision
Downcast Collision will sweep through the world with a plague of heaviness!

Modern Metal band Downcast Collision came to life in another dimension in space and time.
By chance its members were cast down to collide with this universe. Here the laws of nature work differently, which makes the band feel misplaced and angry. Stuck in this world, all they can really hope for now, is to find a way to merge both worlds into one.
How that will end, no one yet knows.

Musically Downcast Collision sounds like dark science; heavy, killer riffing and without much subtlety. Bold songs and dark vocals that deal with themes such as: violence, plagues of the undead, the visions of Lucifer, the killing of teenaged bullies and even travelling through another dimension to find clairvoyance. All that, while still managing to sound catchy enough for the melodies to get stuck in your mind and to never leave again.

Downcast Collision is the shadow side of love; it is the downside of up. It is the evil twin you secretly wish to be …

Deformus was formed in the beginning of 2014. The style they developed was a mix of different kinds of metal and was not catagorisable in one direction.
With a past with and a passion for all sorts of metal they kept on searching for a way to combine all kind of
influences in their songs.

The name Deformus which stands for ‘deform’ is the perfect name for this 4-men formation from Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
Deformus makes powerfull and intense old school metal with a combination of groovy and heavy stoner/sludge riffs combined with fast and agressive thrash riffs.

On September 6, 2017 they released their first EP ‘There Is No Way Back’ and that would be the start of a new era. At this moment the band is busy writing and recording new songs for the upcoming EP.


12 oktober 2018


20:30 - 23:30



Rockcafé Lazaru’s
Nieuwe Beestenmarkt 32
Leiden, 2312 CH Nederland


071 512 2849



Rockcafé Lazaru’s
071 512 2849

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